How Can Acute & Chronic Lower Backache Be Treated?

How Can Acute & Chronic Lower Backache Be Treated?

Approximately 80% of individuals who experience lower back pain at some point in their lives usually gets better on its own. Still, for some, it may become an irritating recurring condition. Backache problem whether it is upper back or lower back pain it is not a diagnosis, it’s a symptom. It’s hard to always discover the underlying pathological cause of lower back pain, but we can attempt to identify the root problems.

How We Treat Low Backache Problems At Parnami Hospital?

Those who come to Parnami hospital with back pain, our doctors start by checking the medical history. Initially, a physical examination is performed. If relevant, we may do some further tests.
Rather than just treating symptoms, a proper check of medical history is done along with tests which help in treating the underlying cause. This empowers us to provide a better outcome.

Acute Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain which gets better in a few days or weeks are generally cases of acute LBP. The causes of acute LBP are normally difficult to identify but is often occurs due to strain or sprain, meaning muscle or ligament-related pain. It’s not needed to find the root cause since it advances away in a matter of days to weeks.

Chronic Lower Back Pain

When Lower Back Pain persists longer than three months, it’s called a chronic lower back pain. Elements of chronic low back pain are difficult to distinguish. Still, we should constantly try to find the faults.

The painstaking process of determining the cause can help ensure that there isn’t a life-threatening condition. We can overcome concerns about paralysis or becoming wheelchair-bound. The doctor also authenticates whether you can proceed to work and exercise or can carry your normal routine work.

Generally, a physical examination is conducted and when appropriate, imaging tests such as MRI or CT scan is performed. The specific tests can assist us to find the causes of chronic Low back pain.

How Can Lower Backache Be Prevented?

Investigation continues to provide us a better understanding of CLBP. Heredity may also execute a major role as an underlying cause. The chances of low back pain could be reduced by making some positive lifestyle changes. start eating healthy food as it can keep your body weight within a healthy range.

You can also do a regular exercise to keep the back muscles fit and flexible and avoid prolonged sitting during working hours or at home. Generally, while you sit, maintain good posture. You should use conventional techniques for lifting and avoid frequent bending and twisting. Especially avoid bending, twisting and lifting at the same time as passing snow.

Those working on machinery should avoid situations where the spine needs to vibrate for long periods of time. It is also essential to get enough sleep each day and put a stop on smoking. There are individuals who have problems regarding depression or anxiety and should concern your physicians immediately.

When Should You See A Health Care Professional?

If you have back pain that doesn’t improve within six weeks, see your health care clinician or a back specialist. When the pain becomes intolerable one can visit the doctor or If you have developed leg numbness or weakness you can meet a backache specialist at the hospital.

Different Treatment Available

The lower back pain treatment may include Chiropractic care, Massage therapy, Physical therapy, Acupuncture, Injections of pain medication or a special bone lubricant and even Surgery.


If you have lower or upper back pain which is more than six weeks old and still the pain is persisting try visiting Parnami Hospital the best Orthopedic hospital in Delhi to get the best outcome.

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