Talking about Different Games and Their Closely Associated Sports Injuries

Talking about Different Games and Their Closely Associated Sports Injuries

From high school to the professional level, basketball, cricket, rugby, football all attract a large audience but along with their fast pace, the games have also developed several possibilities for trauma. Let’s talk about the different sports and the injuries associated with them.


Just to let you all make aware it was estimated that around 1.6 million injuries are attached to basketball game every year. Looking at the basketball game it could be deduced as an exceptional way to strengthen the body and mind for all the age groups. The environmental demand of the game is a big way to make all the muscles in the body. Moreover, the requirement for coordination and strategy can force you to develop your mental boundaries.

But when you play such an impacting game you have a list of injuries which are commonly observed during basketball match and could be enlisted as ankle sprain, jammed fingers, deep thigh bruising, facial cuts and foot fracture which all add up to give such a big figure of injury numbers. It’s true that such a tiring activity does not come without risk and therefore adds up a list of injuries.

Osteochondral sores are damages to the bone and overlying cartilage of the talus frequently observed in the basketball game. Soon this soreness takes the form of a fracture or a cyst producing continued pain, swelling and/or instability of the ankle joint. This ailment is generally generated by traumatic injury, generally a sprain. Though the basketball remains as a high impression sport but there is no surprise that most ankle injuries are sustained while playing. Though it is possible to treat osteochondral injuries with immobilization and reduced weight bearing, however the most powerful recovery rate lies with surgery.

Another common injury includes the Patellar tendonitis which is a swelling of the patellar tendon which is responsible for movement from the kneecap to the shin bone and is a common sports injury accountable for jumping, kicking and running. As the game necessitates constant jumping the patellar tendonitis outcomes are observed due to repeated tiny tears to the tendon.


Rugby is as dynamic a game and also begins with a lot of uncertainties. Sprains, tears, and pulls are all part of the game and tackling can lead to a number of problems such as shoulder dislocations. Younger athletes can suffer from long term brain damage when returning to action too early after a concussion. Guarding redundancy such as shoulder pads and head-gear are strongly advised when playing rugby. It is also advised forever to wear a gum shield while playing.


The lower half of the body does the majority of the work while running and that is frequently where we see the wounds. Runners may see tendinitis and muscle strains. Utilizing proper running footwear really, help you to avoid Shin Splints as well. Girls are more receptive to knee injuries than boys are they usually have wider haunches. Repeatedly proper expanding and cooling down are vital to staying injury free. Usual hydration is vital for tissue function so keep drinking water throughout prolonged periods of running.


Poor routine while playing can commence to the feared anterior Cruciate Ligament injury (ACL), an injury which damages the ligament essential to the knee’s overall resistance. Clashing heads and shoulder injuries are also a part of the game. Proper football boots and stud choice are essential as they will lessen the risk of ankle and knee sprains. Therefore shin pads should constantly be worn when performing.


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